What are our clients saying?

"I have had the privilege of working with amazing people who have learned to find the potential within them. I have a passion for working with the 'young at heart' and love to watch people thrive. It is so rewarding to see the progress with each individual and seeing their own discovery of the power they each hold. Listen to what a few of these gems are saying about their journey with Power 2B Fit"

- Pam Patrick, Owner of Power 2B Fit


"From the very first phone conversation about training, I liked Pam's approach. Her background in nursing and working with physical therapists in addition to personal training certification meant she could find ways around my aches and pains. Pam really cares about you, as well as giving you the best workout. It all makes for the best approach to staying healthy in every way. I heartily recommend Pam to you."

-Joanne Masiello, McLean, VA

"Pam has the ability to diagnose unique physical challenges and tailor training to individual needs. I developed a small tear in my rotator cuff . The orthopedist suggested I would need surgery but I tried some PT then continued to work with Pam on shoulder therapy. I have avoided any surgery or any limitations as a result of the tear. There is no doubt that time spent with Pam as my personal trainer has significantly improved my general health and quality of life."

-Oma Cox, Alexandria, VA

"Pam is an excellent trainer. She is very knowledgable about all aspects of the human body, especially the musculoskeletal system. She keeps up with the latest developments and research results in her field by attending seminars and workshops on training techniques and related medical issues. I was always confident that she would never ask me to do anything that had any potential for injury, and she was always very sensitive to any discomfort or pain I might be experiencing. I was also happy that what she was doing with me very closely matched what my doctors were telling me about exercise and nutrition. I am 70 years old and in excellent health, and I attribute much of that (the health part, not age) to Pam's expert support and guidance. Pam Patrick was my personal trainer for more than nine years, from September 2003 until March 2013. She would still be my trainer if she had not gotten married and moved to Texas, leaving me behind in Washington D.C."

-Dick Norman, Rockville, MD

"I hate working out, but need to do it. Bottom line, Pam made it productive and fun. I highly recommend her."

-Martha Cole, Arlington, VA